Adrian Jarreau

I am a certified IPA psychoanalyst. I am also a state certified supervisor helping therapists achieve licensure. I work with individuals ages 12 to elderly, male and female, and couples. The issues I treat most effectively are (not in order of effectiveness): depression, relationship to self, overwhelming sadness, abuse/trauma, relationship problems, low self esteem, motivation problems or procrastination, excessive stress, excessive anger, fearfulness/anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive problems, life changes that are painful or difficult to handle such as a mid life crisis, getting into or out of relationship. Modalities I practice are psychodynamic, psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, client centered. Improving one’s relationship to self is the key to success in relationships of all types.

I specialize in assessing this all important relationship and bringing awareness to the quality of relating to self. An unaccepting and disrespectful relationship to self is the cause of depression, low self esteem, the perception that others think negatively about you, lack of confidence, inhibitiveness, difficulty with communication and expression, isolation, loneliness, and anxiety. Your work with me will improve how you relate to yourself and therefore bring improvement to all areas mentioned above. – See more at:

I have developed an ability over years of practice of picking up on subtle cues in our dialogue of how you think and feel about yourself especially when impacted by primal emotions. Fears of being judged, of not being good enough, of not having enough, of separation and loss, and of disappointment have primal impacts on us, unconsciously causing reactions.

These reactions have negative and destructive consequences like ending relationships. Our work will illuminate these fears and decrease the reactivity leading to a better relationship with yourself and others. Furthermore my dedicated attention to you will make you feel better about yourself.

I have worked with many depressed patients who have suffered from negative/ destructive ways of thinking and feeling for over 20 years. How I respond to you will give you a sense of the depth of my attention and acceptance. Over time this will give you another experience in primary relationship that you can internalize displacing older experiences that were problematic or even abusive. This is very effective and transformative. Your qualify of life becomes better. I also provide consultation to therapists in private practice. I am certified to supervise therapists working toward state licensure.