psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, Adrian Jarreau writes about the understanding of human nature and the ways that can manifest collectively in world events, trends, and politics.

Psyche is the whole human mind, both conscious and unconscious. Psychology is the study of the psyche. In psychoanalysis psyche represents the forces in the individual that influence thought, behavior, and personality.

My Walk

I decide to go for a walk. Where do I want to go? Am I willing to go up and down hills. If it’s not too hot. I make my decisions and set out. I walk by the neighboring house which is new and for sale. No one lives there yet. I negatively judge the gardens. They are...

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Primitive Fear and Loneliness

The primitive fear of closeness and intimacy can make one lonely. This primitive fear is being afraid that if one gets too close or intimate the pain of separation, or worse, rejection will ensue. There can be a deep seated assumption from old experiences that that...

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Restrictions of Narcissism and Healing

Narcissistic defenses are restrictions in expression, actions, and intimacy caused by fear of something going wrong, fear of negative judgement, or rejection. They are caused by early trauma. Narcissism restricts internal freedom causing distance, separation,...

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Unwillingness to be troubled by election of Trump

What I have noticed in myself is the unwillingness to be troubled, disturbed or lose any sleep over the unfortunate election of Trump. Certainly I was very disappointed and initially troubled by the election results but there was a part of me that did not want to...

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Intuiting the unknown: listening with the unconscious mind

This paper discusses one of the oldest techniques in the practice of psychoanalysis and perhaps one of the least considered. Freud called it “evenly suspended attention.” It is attention devoid of memory and desire. Access to the unconscious mind is central to this...

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Why do Psychotherapy?

Why do Psychotherapy? Throughout our lives we are constantly making the effort to express our subjectivity. To know what we think and feel, what we want and don't want, to feel free to assert the legitimacy of our point of view, are aspects of our subjectivity that we...

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