I decide to go for a walk. Where do I want to go? Am I willing to go up and down hills. If it’s not too hot. I make my decisions and set out. I walk by the neighboring house which is new and for sale. No one lives there yet. I negatively judge the gardens. They are overly planted in a haphazard way making it look like a nursery display. Then there’s the side door that leads to a small entry deck but there’s no path that connects it to anything. That looks like an oversight. But how could anyone overlook that??

I transport my busy mind to the next block. I walk by an old house that has had some repairs done recently. The quality of the work is atrocious. My guess is that the roofers who replaced the roof did the repairs to the siding but being roofers they weren’t skilled in carpentry but thought they could do it anyway. Maybe I’m projecting my own omnipotence onto them.

On I walk. Just past the bad repairs I come upon a sidewalk littered with berries fallen from a tree. I don’t want to get my shoes soiled with crushed berries that would get all over my beautiful floors at home, so I have to carefully pick my path through this minefield. Some steps have to be taken on my toes when there isn’t room for my whole foot. I should have walked in the street, I think. Made it through unscathed, whew. Don’t have to work cleaning my shoes.

On I walk. Following the berry minefield I come to a house that has a new deck overlooking the street. Under the deck two men have dug deep trenches, built forms and poured concrete making a foundation. But the deck already has footings under the posts that hold it up. And furthermore the foundation they have made is bigger on one end than the deck. I’m completely puzzled. It looks like they are going to build an addition onto the house where the new deck is and bigger than it. Huh?? What are they doing? I don’t get it.


On I walk. I’m on the more or less flat walk because it’s a hot day and I don’t want to get all sweaty because I see my afternoon patients when I return. As I walk I’m seeking shade wherever I can get it. This means crossing the street back and forth which is easy because they are residential streets with very little traffic in the early afternoon. There is a half block area that is completely covered by big trees on both sides creating a canopy. I enjoy this place for its peace and coolness. I love the weather that makes me seek shade more than the weather that makes me seek sun for warmth and real D.

On I walk. My mind is always thinking about something. Occasionally I’m focused on my environment and my mind is a bit quieter. But the physical exercise of a brisk walk is stimulating. My heart is beating faster and my mind becomes more active then. I certainly know this experience in the middle of the night when, for some reason, my heart starts beating faster. My mind becomes active with many thoughts about many things and I can’t go back to sleep. But on my walk it is ok and sometimes enjoyable when my thoughts are insightful and I understand something I didn’t know before.

On I walk. I’m on my way back home now. I have mixed feelings about that. Part of me is disappointed because an enjoyable activity has come to an end. Part of me is relieved because my fear of over exerting myself and being exhausted or just simply not having enough energy to keep up the fast walk can be put to rest once again. What I feared didn’t happen so I can relax again until the next walk. Ha! I wish.