The issues I treat most effectively are (not in order of effectiveness): depression, relationship to self, overwhelming sadness, abuse/trauma, relationship problems, low self esteem, motivation problems or procrastination, excessive stress, excessive anger, fearfulness/anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive problems, life changes that are painful or difficult to handle such as a mid life crisis, getting into or out of relationship.

Modalities I practice are psychodynamic, psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, client centered.

Improving one’s relationship to self is the key to success in relationships of all types. I specialize in assessing this all important relationship and bringing awareness to the quality of relating to self.

An unaccepting and disrespectful relationship to self is the cause of depression, low self esteem, the perception that others think negatively about you, lack of confidence, inhibitiveness, difficulty with communication and expression, isolation, loneliness, and anxiety.

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Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

I provide psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for adults, children ages 10 through adolescence, and couples.  I see people for fifty minute sessions at a weekly frequency that provides enough contact for progress.  Our work is completely confidential.

I am a WA State Certified Supervisor for unlicensed therapists working toward licensure.

I work effectively with people suffering from depression, low self esteem, fear of intimacy, relationship problems (including work with couples), difficulty in being authentic, lack of motivation and procrastination, overwhelming fear, anxiety, and panic attacks, grief and loss, fear of being alone and wanting only to be alone.

I also provide consultation for other therapists.

Starting with our first contact I will provide a safe protected space that will give you an opportunity to describe in detail what your experience of life is and has been.  The undivided attention you will receive will immediately make you feel better and motivate you to go deeper into your experience providing relief.  You will not feel so alone. You will have someone to share the burden of your pain.  You will get a sense of my close attention from how I respond to you. It will resonate and you will feel better about yourself as a result of being understood. Our work together will produce a better quality of life for you.

I provide psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Psychotherapy is a once or twice a week therapy.  Psychoanalysis is three or four times a week and a more intensive work that triggers some regression into old patterns of relating that still exist and tend to be repeated.  The regression is necessary because these counterproductive patterns must be understood consciously in how they play out and what purpose they serve if they are to be modified.

One such pattern of relating that I specialize in is separation anxiety that triggers a fear of rejection and then negative self-judgment.  The old and current compulsion is to try to avoid these feelings by limiting human contact or trying to control the expression and behavior of the other.  This can lead to relationship problems and also to feeling lonely, unchosen, unworthy, fearful of contact, isolated, disliked, angry, depressed, and being alone.

Psychoanalysis has the frequency and continuity that make it a very effective and efficient treatment.  The issues that bring one to therapy come up in the therapy creating the best opportunity for change.  With the frequency of meetings psychoanalysis promotes a deeper more intimate relationship with the therapist.  It is in this new relationship that new ways of being with the other are developed.  Your relationship with me will provide you with opportunities for new experiences that challenge old ways of interacting.

Psychotherapy is conducted in the same way but with less emotional intensity due to the lower frequency of sessions.  Because of this psychotherapy is the best choice for some. One method isn’t inherently better than the other just better for some than for others.

Your work with me will improve how you relate to yourself and therefore bring improvement to all areas mentioned above.

When you're ready, I am here to help