Therapeutic Approach


I think relationship to self is at the root of one’s experience of life.  If it is mostly accepting then work and relationships can be satisfying.  If not then life can seem to be lacking and unfulfilling.
my therapeutic approach is to listen on a level that informs me as to how you are relating to yourself and consequently to others. I will talk to you about what I observe.  This level of attention along with what I observe facilitates change.  Dreams and fantasies can be an informing part of our work

The intent is to promote a way of reflecting on your emotional experiences to bring a respectful attentiveness to yourself as an established pattern. This can help in simply being human with all its imperfections.  Reactivity to pain won’t stop because that is part of being human.

Reactivity can be decreased when the negative reaction to self is disciplined.  Emotional pain is hard enough to bear but when there is a negative reaction to yourself because of it then that produces its own excruciating pain and actually leads to more reactivity and a vicious cycle.  Being aware of this cycle and grappling with it makes a big difference.

Therapeutic approach - Psychoanalytic therapy

The issues I treat most effectively are (not in order of effectiveness): depression, relationship to self, overwhelming sadness, abuse/trauma, relationship problems, low self esteem, motivation problems or procrastination, excessive stress, excessive anger, fearfulness/anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive problems, life changes that are painful or difficult to handle such as a mid life crisis, getting into or out of relationship.

Modalities I practice are psychodynamic, psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, client centered.

Improving one’s relationship to self is the key to success in relationships of all types. I specialize in assessing this all important relationship and bringing awareness to the quality of relating to self.

An unaccepting and disrespectful relationship to self is the cause of depression, low self esteem, the perception that others think negatively about you, lack of confidence, inhibitiveness, difficulty with communication and expression, isolation, loneliness, and anxiety.